Give Your Home a Complete Upgrade

Find out about our home remodeling services in Tyler & Whitehouse, TX

It's time to turn the house that you have into the one that you've always wanted. You can work with Mike Brattlof Homes, Inc. Since 1990, our team has been providing top-of-the-line home remodeling services in Tyler & Whitehouse, TX.

You can:

  • Build a room addition to add a bathroom to your guest bedroom
  • Construct an additional wing to add several rooms to your house
  • Gut your kitchen to install new appliances, flooring and cabinets

If you only want to change a few parts of your home's appearance, you can choose home renovation services instead of home remodeling services. Call 903-571-4545 now to find out more about renovating or remodeling with our team.

What kind of room will you add to your home?

What kind of room will you add to your home?

You can take advantage of our room addition building services to create anything from a bonus room to a wine room. You could construct a place for your kids to play, a library, an office or a custom craft room. To plan your new room, contact us today.